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Review of Yaiskulgi pakhang angaoba

film review
A still from yaiskulgi pakhang angaoba.

The two words "dasanihe" and "yo" have become so popular that it has become a part of our daily conversation. Its because of the film "Yaiskulgi pakhang angaoba."
Yaiskulgi pakhang angaoba is a Manipuri Digital film produced under the banner of Kangla Films by Premjit Naoroibam. It is written and directed by Homen D'wai.
The film shows that every person faces a change in character in the adolescence period. But we should overcome the temptation to become successful in life. The story weaves around the life of a simple and career oriented boy. Ace star Bonny Sharma takes the character of Sanatombi who spent half of his life in boarding schools. He changes his behaviour to impress a girl. He left behind his old ways and started to create a 'yo' image after he met Mazaru, a Kabui girl. Cutie girl Bala takes the role of Mazaru. One day Sanatombi went to Keisamthong to repair his luna seat. He met Mazaru there and she told him the he doesnt look like a Yaiskul pakhang.

Bala in the film

Sanatombi then consulted Kaboklei Inaocha and his team to transform himself into a 'yo' boy.
He loved Mazaru with all his heart. He even sold his golden locket to treat Mazaru and her friends. Mazaru pretented to love Sanatombi. At last Sanatombi realised that he was in a foolish trap. This made him a heart brokrn person and he became insane. His parents were worried about their son's behaviour. After treatment he returned to his old ways and cleared the MBBS entrance examination.
Like other films, this film also has a happy ending. The film is filled with romance, comedy. The dialouges of Kaboklei Inaocha makes every viewer laugh heartily. The director executes every shot carefully.
The title song of this film is a household song of Manipur. Bony lends his voice for a song "Nungshi nangbu keida leige" which became a song of all age groups.
The most important feature of this film is that it creates a special bonding between different age groups.
overall rating: 4 out of 5.
..By Rosn Lai..

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